White walls or all black tires. Input needed!

So, I’ve been working on the Jag and she really is coming along nicely. I had it on nice long drive with no issues except I know it needs tires. 2 of the 4 are non matched and even 2 different sizes.
I’m looking into 4 new tires but wanted opinions. It has white walls which seem to accent the Juniper paint but many here have said black only is the way to go.
I’ve added a few pics and posted a video of the first longer outing at: xj6fsbo.com
I am still interested in selling it but the price on the site is high.


Don’t like them myself but it’s personal to the owner, your car your choice.


I’m with Robin, if the tires you want are white walls, I can almost guarantee that the other side of the tire is all black. You choose.


As said it’s your car and your choice.

Two points to consider
1 getting whitewalls matching restricts your tyre buying options later

2 If you are selling the car then it may not be to the widest market

De mount and reverse.

Whitewalls or not, both look good. It’s such a nice car. I wouldn’t sell.

Lovely colour and the thin whitewalls suit it well IMO. I would not buy whitewalls myself, but I think they look just fine. Wide whitewalls look really out of place IMO on anything made after 1964. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies.
I am taking it on a little drive today.
It sat in a garage for lots of years until I bought it last year. The prior owner only started it once a week and drove it less then 1 mile a month.
It really seems to like the open road. It’s not fast on the take off but it rides like a dream. I didn’t push it but she cruises nicely at 65.

The white walls suit that color nicely. I was always a fan of them. Even on my E type. I think the older gents generally don’t seem to like them as it reminds them of the cars from the 50’s too much or something.

You withdrew your post wigs what sorta cheeky response did you have? lol

At one time, very long time ago, I liked white wall tires. Not so much anymore.

But, that car looks great with the thin whites.

For what it’s worth, in my opinion I think white walls look great on 50s American cars but they don’t belong on a Jag. But hey, if you like ‘em, you fit them,


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To me the white walls pull the eye away from the natural body form, much like those door bump strips do.
Best is simple, let the form speak.

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Let’s see…

47 Ford 49 Mercury
50 Chevrolet.
59 Ford
41 Cadillac
These got WSW.

As best as I can recall, all after BW!!!

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On a Series 1 or Series II white wall stripes look great, I think tough on a Series III they would perhaps look a little out of place…