Why all the Ads/classified?

Why all the ads/classified posted in the Lumps section?

They aren’t posted by the seller, they are just ads that have caught someone’s eye and they think there may be a member looking to purchase one of them, you will notice they are all for vehicles that have been ‘lumped’

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Marc, I’ve been posting them. I am very interested in the lumped Jaguars.
I’ve a '75 sedan that had a blown chevy (the broken kind) when I bought it.
I’ve got a '76 as a parts car and just bought an '85 for the Chevy V8 & auto trans it has.

I’ll be switching parts around at some point and will be posting all Kinds of questions that arise.
I figure anything related to this subset of the hotrod hobby would be welcome here.
It’s good to have some idea of what’s out there & at what price.
The Lump category on this site would be very quite without them.

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Hahaha! Very good. I assume you mean a blown N.A. Chevy and not one with a blown blower. :slight_smile:

I enjoy seeing the variety of lumps, both good and bad. Please keep posting


As I have said in the past, I really enjoy your LUMP posts! Ironically, a well engineered lump is worth more than an OEM! I just sold a converted GM Rolls Royce Silver Shadow for $34,000! The car was in excellent shape with a perfect conversion. I have done likewise with several Jags. The “real” public want and are willing to pay for a very nice lump (contrary to what the priest say)!!!

PS If anyone finds a converted Rolls Corniche, I very interested!


“…what the puriest…” not “priest”!!!:joy:

You do know that you can edit your post if you see an auto correct thats wrong? Just use the pen icon bottom right of your post.

Happy to read them. I was just wondering.