Why can't I pair my phone?

(Steve) #1

Ok, so just bought a 2007 X150 and loving it. However I can’t pair my phone, the touch screen does not look that shown in the hand book and pressing the would you like to sear for a phone YES, has no effect at all. Nothing to suggest a search is in progress. Any ideas?

(Tony Koschinsky ) #2

The following site might provide some help:


Good luck.


(Steve) #3

Cheers Tony however I don’t think the issue is with the phone, but rather the car. On requesting search nothing happens. The Workshop Manual isn’t much help either, the symptom is described and the answer is ‘call local in-market support for assistance’!

(Tony Koschinsky ) #4

These cars are getting a few years on them so one cannot discount the possibility that someone has messed with the electronics. The fact that your touchscreen doesn’t look right suggests that might be the case. This forum:
has some qualified techs as regular contributors and they might be able to help pinpoint the issue.

I like the car in your avatar.


(Steve) #5

Ahhhh yes, you must mean Edina. Edina and I first me 11 years ago and it was love at first sight. Since the weathers improved we might go out on our first date of the year this weekend. looking forward to that.

(Terri) #6

Mine paired, docked, and I was using it. Now the car says its not. I can SEE Jaguar on my phone, but the car cannot dock it. I also tried to delete the previous owner’s phone, it says deleted but then still shows. I tried deleting mine, but it will not delete either. Gremlins.

(Phil.Dobson) #7

might be worth disconnecting the battery and leaving overnight. Has been known to reset ‘stuff’