Why do I have this car?

You guys, why do I even have this car if I can’t work on it myself? I can’t even find anyone to work on it! I just need it to start and get it ready to auction, I guess. Not a good car for me. I shoulda kept the '65 Rambler 770 Wagon. That thing cornered like a champ. Where’s the best place to auction it?

You’ve probably hit the frustration wall. It happens once in a while. I’m no mechanic but trust me when I first got my car I was there several times. Take a deep breath and come back to it a few days later. It seemed to work for me. The next best thing is to see if there are any JL’s members in your area. I would be be surprised if there aren’t any. At the very least they could always point you in the direction of a reliable mechanic or shop.
By the way I found reading with my favourite cold beverage and my feet up helped a lot. You’ll be amazed how a break and a fresh outlook changes everything.
I can’t help you with the auction but would hold off as a last resort.
My two cents.


Glad I’m not back in MO, as I know how you’d feel there (even if I was in K.C. again :roll_eyes: ) … Hard enough to find anyone (experienced and competent) willing to work on our classic XJSes here in the Dallas area anymore … :slightly_frowning_face: Thank God a couple of leads came in recently on here thanks to some other members … :pray:

I still think your best bet for selling these days is Ebay … It’s where I have bought ALL my Jaguars … You can always put a reserve (minimum) price on it, so that if it doesn’t bring at least that much you don’t have to sell it to anyone there. :triumph: You also have the right to sell it early offlist if someone locally makes you an offer “you can’t re-fuse” … :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Excellent question! Also - your main mistake. How could you even think about having this junk if you are not willing to / have no place or tools to work on it yourself? You are paying money to the people who either don’t know what to do or acting like they know… It’s like giving your savings away to drug dealers and expecting to receive nothing in return or getting married with your sister…
And if you add famous, beloved and well-designed British v12 engine version to what’s above - it will land somewhere close with these days Hollywood production I gues…

My recommendation - ask some thugs in the neighbourhood to help you, baseball bats are ok-ish but the glass bottle filled with petrol and plugged with rolled vintage XJS catalogue - gives absolute certainty.

Thanks, AttyDallas, I appreciate your suggestions.


You bought the wrong car. v12? H&E? You should have bought the 6 cylinder. Plenty of room to get to everything.

There is no 12 cylinder engine that is easy to work on, but I believe the Jag v12 is the easiest! Good luck working on a Merc or BMW 12

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Veekay, TOO LATE. Looking for help to find help … not criticism.

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This is why so many people put Chevy V8’s into these cars. If that’s OK with you, that’s an option. I’m sure someone here would happily buy your V12.

But yeah, these cars are not for the faint of heart. That’s why collectors don’t want them (yet I hope).

I can do my own work, yet I was where you were 2 years ago! Almost gave up.

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What year is your car? Did you check wiring for fried, cracked and damaged insulation? This is where I found the reason my 90 V12 wouldn’t run for me. A reasonably easy enough fix all things considered.

Hey guys lets cease with the negative comments please Bubbles(real name) wants help not whats being offered by some!


Thanks, Bubbles: some people just have no idea how to be decent, when someone’s only asking for help.

This frustrating bit will abate: walk away, for a day, a week.

Recharge and recover.

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Thanks, Robin_O_Connor! True.

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gregma, I have tools and a garage, just no desire to DIY on this. It’s a great car. I’m just out of gas on it at this point.

Thanks, Wiggles, I’ve been walking it back for 3 months now…sigh.


It may be time to post an ad on Hemmings…probably the best place for a project car.

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You might miss it once it’s gone. Especially if you haven’t had a chance to enjoy it running well. I’d like to know if you have checked out the wiring under the hood and what year it is.

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I briefly miss having an xjs when I see one up for sale. The shape, oh that shape. Then I see the pic of that v12 under the bonnet and snap back to reality. Never heading down that road again. The pleasure to pain ratio just didn’t work.

I’d look to sell it on the various jag forums. I think you are more likely to connect with an enthusiast that way.


It’s an '88. It runs really well…this is the first real hiccup, and I’ve had a lot done to the car (back brakes, alternator, starter, new plugs & wiring, new belts, battery, fuel pump/moving sump from lower tank to inline, the list goes on). I would love to just drive it. That’s better said than done.

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Thanks, mminnich. Great idea.