Why Politics anywhere on this Forum?

I am confused regarding the need to allow political discussion even in the Pub section of the Jag-lovers forum. Unless it is limited to only Jaguar corporate politics, I fail to understand the need. Why is this policy revision necessary?

Hi Bill,

it’s not a policy revision to include politics. Politics have always been allowed. It’s business as usual.

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Here’s a quote from the rules of conduct for the Pub:

Why allow politics at all, this is a car site after all?

Good question! The answer is: We don’t want to. We tried to ban politics completely for a long time, but it never worked. Politics would always pop right back up, all over the model-specific categories, causing much disruption. It seems quite a few of our members just can’t help themselves, and since we are a community after all, we tried to find a solution.

So, we said OK to politics in the Pub category only. That way, those who would rather not see it, won’t, and the on-topic car discussions can stay distraction-free. It’s not ideal, but it seems a reasonable compromise.

Remember: Politics are optional, being kind and polite is not

Remember, you can always just ignore all the off-topic stuff and focus on what (hopefully) made us all come here in the first place: Jaguar Cars.

Makes sense to me. I’ll just avoid that section if I want to stick to cars.


Unless you’re specifically a member of the Pub, you won’t even see it.

Now, I’d highly recommend following my threads about building a Jag-engined Jeep…totally car!


But that’s in the pub😈


I am also unsure why you moved that post to the pub. It limits the viewers and they are always an “interesting” read :grinning:


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Agreed. Paul asked if we could move all of his JeeType topics to the Lounge, and I think we should.

We just have to read through them and make sure there’s no politics in any of the comments. Jag-lovers tends to experience a non-trivial amount of topic drift, so I think this is prudent.

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Actually I moved the post at Paul’s suggestion/request.


I had asked Gunnar, and he suggested a wider audience if in The Lounge, to which I agreed.

Then I saw it had been moved to The Pub, and thought, “well, OK.”

But yes, The Lounge would be a better place.

Thanks, Robin and Gunnar!

On thinking, (I know, I know), maybe the JeeType rightfully belongs in the ‘Lumps’ section.

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With the pub likely turning into an politically correct echo chamber it will become very insignificant soon enough, and everyone got what they wanted. Fascinating enough that some still manage to complain about its hidden (!) existence.
I think the JT is best suited to the Lounge. It’s not a V8 in a Jag conversion or not?