Wide angle side mirrors for 1989 XJ40

Hi all …

After driving a new car with wide angle side mirrors I really want to convert my '89 XJ40 to the same kind of mirrors. No matter how I adjust my side mirrors and rearview mirror there is still a blind spot that cars just love to hide in. I saw this ad on EBay UK …

It’s listed for the 1990-1994 XJ40s but I checked the '90 glass parts numbers on the Jaguar Classics website and their the same as the '89

Has anyone had any experience with wide angle mirrors on their jag ? Also are our side mirrors glued on and do you have to break them for removal.

I had to replace a broken chrome back cover on a mirror once, not a straightforward job IIRC.
OTOH I think you probably just stick these wide angle things right on top of the old ones, no?

You may already have tried the following mirror adjustment technique and perhaps were left unsatisfied. I use it on all my cars and it works great for me, although I admit it took some getting used to.

To adjust the driver’s side-view mirror , place your head against the left side window and set the mirror so you can just barely see the side of the car in the right side of the mirror. To adjust the passenger’s side-view mirror, position your head so that it is just above the center console. Set the mirror so you can just barely see the side of the car in the left side of the mirror. That’s it!

With this technique, there are no more blind spots. I didn’t believe this was possible until I tried the technique and worked to get used to it.

When a car is approaching you in the lane to your left, you will see it in the center mirror until it gets into what used to be a blind spot but is no more because you will now see it in the left side mirror. Same for the right side. You have to get in the groove of checking both the side and center mirror before making a lane change. That should be especially easy for you, Mr. Grooveman! :))


Gents …

Well I just ordered a left and right wide angle mirror from the UK. Fingers crossed and I’ll report on how well they work.

Hopefully you’ll be able to adjust them so the guy behind you with ultra bright halogens doesn’t blind you at night.

Gents …

Well I finally received and installed my new side mirror glass and they are … AWESOME !!!

Perfect fit and completely eliminates any blind spot. It took me about 1 minute to adjust to the very slight convex view which (did I already mention) completely eliminates the dreaded C pillar blind spot. I couldn’t be happier with them. No more having to crank my head around to change lanes. SWEET