Will a 9005 replacement bulb fit in an 9006 headlamp assembly?

I am installing new LED cob headlight bulbs (replacing the Halogen bulbs) in my X330. The low-beam replacements seem to fit and function just fine. The high-beam replacements refuse to lock into the reflectors. Do I have them in the wrong sockets? I can change them over if they will lock into the proper position.

Could I get a little help here, please? Thanks in advance.

It’s probably to stop people fitting the wrong bulb.

Maybe they have a different focus length

I took the X330 to my mechanic and we quickly figured out that I tried to place the high-beam bulbs in the low beam reflectors and vice-versa. We placed them in their respective reflectors and they fit perfectly.

I normally don’t make these mistakes, but I was tired and we while trying to replace the Halogen bulbs with LED cobs. Now they’re illuminating the road as if they’re daylight on earth.

It works for me!