Will not crank the starter

X type 2002 3.0

Changed oil and filter by raising front side only and put it in park

Lowered the car now the parking lever will not move out of park position.
The intrument lights come on, but will not crank the engine


Any luck here?

Best, Alan

Alan, thanks for your interest.

I have a problem with starting it.

I jacked the front drivers side up a bit to change filter and oil.

Just enough to reach the filter and drain oil.

I lowered the car all the way.

Then ready to start it up, then it ran for a few seconds.

After that it just clicks in the engine compartment, all the intrument lights

come on, but it will not crank.


Based on this more detailed report, I wonder if the problem is co
incidental with the oil change. I would start by checking the battery
terminals; then checking/charging battery.


I would suggest trying to load test the battery.


I will take your advise and look for a good new battery.


Let us know how it works out. Your solution could be an aid to someone else.

As Grahame suggested a load test would let let you know if a new battery is called for. If that’s not an easy option a nice long trickle charge would be my next step. How 'bout taking the battery to a parts store that offers testing, before you buy a new battery that may not be needed?



Since I figured the battery is old enough to be replaced bought a new one.

Engine started right up, the only thing I can’t figure out that the engine

malfunction symbol came on.

I never had it on the screen before.


I figured since I was lifting the car on one side only, the old battery must

have had a bad cell which did the battery in.

Bought a new battery and the engine started right up.

The only thing that I can’t figure out is that the engine malfunction symbol

came on. I never had that before.


Seems all “modern” cars are very sensitive to incorrect voltage and their
computers will exhibit any number of odd behaviors; including triggering
spurious warnings. So I’d forget about the engine light unless it returns.


I will get in touch with the dealer to see what he says.

I will let you kwow.



Hoora,Hoora, Alan, after letting the jag sitting for 2 days, took it

out today, starting right up, all the warning lights vanished.

Seems like it had a self fix in the electronics.

Of course my 78 xj6 would’nt do all that.