Will these bmw wheels fit?

I have a 94 xj12 I’m trying to get thses bmw wheels for my car but I’m wondering if they’ll fit. I’ve seen ppl fit 18in bmw wheels so I think they should work. The tears are wider then front so it’s a staggered setup. I don’t know what the factory offset is for the jaguar but I got it for the bmw

Nice looking wheels but I’m not sure if they’ll fit. You’ll have to get the info for the Jag wheels.

I recently replaced the 15" original wheels on my 1989 XJ40 with 16" wheels from a 2002 BMW. They fit perfectly except that the wheel stud pattern was just slightly-y-y different. Small enough difference that I’m sure I could have ignored it but I used “wobble” bolts just to be safe.

I went with 225/60/16 on the front and 225/65/16 on the rear. The offset of the BMW wheels made them sit out about 1/4" wider per wheel.

You really need to make sure that the diameter of the wheel will fit. You can use a tire comparison chart that’s available online.

Do you know what model bmw wheels you have? Maybe a pic? Or do you know what the bore size is. This wheel has 72.6 but I think our cars are 74.1

I’m thinking I should get them and my plan is to use a dremel tool and start shaving around till it just fits on there and I think it should work fine

If that was to totally go wrong I could keep making it bigger till I can get some hub centric rings in there that fit the jaguars hub

Jabraan …

This should give you all the information on your Jaguar wheels …


Great websites to let you compare wheel information !

I believe your 1994 V12’s hub bore size is 73.8mm and the offset is 33mm with a bolt pattern of 120.65mm

You can see that the bolt pattern is almost the same but as I mentioned I used wobble bolts to compensate for the .65mm difference.

The 10" width may be a problem !

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Which wheels do you have on your 94 XJ12 now that you want to replace with the larger BMW wheels?


So it seem that lug pattern should work and and give bore size is only 1.2 mm difference so I’m gonna see it I can make that work

Jabraan …

Did you use the tire offset calculator I sent you to see how far out the wider 10" wheels with the different offset will sit ? You have to consider if the wheel and tire combo will rub the fender when turning.

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Read this on another forum, sizes of wheels may differ but may apply to you?

"The difference between 5x120 and 5x120.65 doesn’t sound like much. For a two ton car each set of studs is holding 500kg static weight, let alone transferring torque from accelerating and braking. The difference between 120 and 120.65 is enough to damage the threads on the studs, strain the studs, oval the holes in the hubs, and damage the tapers on the alloy wheels themselves.

Fitting wheels with the wrong PCD can also void your insurance in the case of an accident as the wheels work loose quite quickly as the nuts do not bolt up ‘square’ so have reduced clamping force."

Larry …

And that’s why I used “wobble nuts” to compensate for that .65mm difference. Although .025" isn’t much I didn’t want to chance it. The very word “wobble” doesn’t really inspire confidence but if you research these lug nuts on line you’ll find they are widely used and completely safe. They’re designed to relieve any side pressure on the wheel studs up to their specification (usually around 2mm).

I used these on the BMW wheels I put on my '89 XJ40 about a year ago with absolutely no problems.

By the way Jabraan did you buy the wheels?

Looks good - I just re-posted the stuff from an engineer’s take on it as an FYI