Winching Strap Points

What would be the best points to attach winching straps to load a XK140 into an enclosed trailer? The straps I have attach to both sides and there is no metal to metal contact with the car.

Sorry to not have a specific answer for you…in general…you want to find a sound fastening point to frame…(no doubt you know that) there are not really other strong points without risk of damage…but the issue is…that the tow strap may likely curve upward onto the body front or other places…Maybe someone will comment on .whether.IF the bumper were removed and attachment was made to the bumper anchors to frame…in any case do have a method for a roll back stop should a strap break…! Call XKs Unlimited Service shop…they pick em up all the time…if you can find the right person…

I have used the front end of the lower A-arms where there is a big nut visible under the fender, wrapping a nylon sling around the suspension arm there, close up to the big nut.

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If you happen to use straps around the rear axle, ensure the metal brake lines running along the axle aren’t crushed or damaged.