Window A pillar material is lifting

Have any of you had a problem with the front A pillar windshield fabric lifting or bubbling up? If so, how did you repair this little problem?

Yes, mine did that. You first pull off the rubber seal around the door, just enough to get the pillar cover off. Then you pull the pillar cover off by pulling straight back. Then you find the material is only just wide enough to cover the plastic because they glued it on and then trimmed the excess off, so you have to spray on the adhesive and then pull the material into place. I used 3M upholstery spray adhesive.

Thanks Bob

Is the rubber seal glued on or does it just clamp on? Also, once the rubber seal is removed is there some type of fastener that holds the plastic pillar cover in place?

The rubber seal is just pressed on. The plastic cover is just pushed on, no tools needed.

Thanks Rob … BTW sorry about the “Bob” name I used on my last thread !