Window frames. which model?


which model do these belong?
many new parts listed in classified section.

Fairly sure they are NOT ‘S’Type

Agree with Robin, suspect Mk2

Looks like Mk2.

Just for my info, what the the differences between Mark 2 frames and S Type/420 frames? They look similar.

As regards the front frames. Stype quarterlite windows have a push button catch. Mk2s don’t.
Therefore these are for a mk2.

The S Type ones have a slightly triangulated B pillar , wider at the base, angles slightly toward the A pillar, possibly to strengthen, like a gusset.

Nigel Thorley’s Jaguar All The Cars 4th edition lists differencies between MK2 and S-Type/420, one of them is: “slightly longer and flatter roof line”/“flatter roof section”. That might have an influence to window frames.
If anyone has S-Type/420 Parts Manual, part numbers could be compared. For Mk2 those are BD22604/BD22605 and BD22610/BD22611.

It was only the roofline above the frames that was altered, the frames have the same profile

The upper shot shows the S Type, just above the door handle, the vertical part angles slightly forward, the lower shot is a Mk2, and the equivalent part is parallel along its length. (lower shot is a left door)