Window sealing strips

Hi Everyone

I am tarting up the interior of my MK2, and while I had the door cards off I was thinking of changing the rubber seals on the outside of the windows and the furry door glass seals on the inside. The inside looks easy, but I cannot quite see how to remove the outer ones.

The outer seals on the front are secured by screws in the window aperture (I can access 3 of the 4 with the glass all the way down), but also seems to be secured under the front quarter light - can’t see.
The back window appears to be a slide on attachement - bit like a J slot, as the wondow is in front of the attachment. It also seems attached under the NDV, but I cant see.
In both the front and the back the rubber seems to be attached to the chrome strip on the outside of the car.

Simple question - are there more screws/slide on clips under the quarter light and NDV, and if so I assume whe whole wondow frame has to come out to change the seal?




There are two types, and from your description it seems you have the later type with the rubber integral to the chrome strip.

If that is the case, then the forward most screw/rivet is indeed under the front of the window frame (under the quarter light). That means you will have to raise the window frame to access it. You could try unbolting the bottom two bolts, and then removing the ones securing the frame to the door and lifting the frame to access the screw/rivet. The window frame should be shimmed on both the bottom bolts and underneath the chrome strip which fastens to the door. If you can’t lift it enough to access the screw/rivet then it’s a window frame out job.

I replaced my rubbers recently- but if a faff of a job, but with the chrome strip off, it’s easy to do on a bench.

Thanks Brian

I have ordered the rubber, hope its the right stuff, and will have a go when I am sure I can finish the job!