Window steaming up

(Jaka) #1

Hi, all my windows get steamed up every time when teh AC is off… Does any body have the same problem, if i turn the blower completly off it is ok and also when the AC is on.

But when the blower is on and ac is off all windows get steamed up a lot.

any idea what to do? Thanjs for help.

regards J

(Foggyoo) #2

Are your carpets wet?

(motorcarman) #3

You do realize that Jaguar issued many TSBs for your car.
I uploaded THOUSANDS to several websites on the interweb so a search should yield results.

Here are a few for you.

JTB00183NAS1[1].pdf (142.3 KB)
XT412-02 Air Blend Door Loose.pdf (181.2 KB)
XT412-S931am2 AC System Inoperative.pdf (36.3 KB)
XT501-08 Passenger Footwell Water Leakage.pdf (51.7 KB)

(Jaka) #4

tanx for help, will check ASAP

(Grahame Loader) #5

First check if the air re-circulation button is pushed.

(Jaka) #6

i have checked my carpets, tehy are little wt so i will change them with rubber ones.

regards J

(Grahame Loader) #7

Don’t change them for rubber ones. Your heater core is leaking.

(Jaka) #8

What should i do? Can i fix it myself?

(Grahame Loader) #9

I don’t know. The core is probably buried way under the dash. I think it would be a major project.