Window Sticker Remakes

(Howard Meyers) #1

I am new to Jag-Lovers, So first HI:

As many of you know, but not all. I the US we have The Monroney sticker or window sticker is a label required in the United States to be displayed in all new automobiles and includes the listing of certain official information about the car. Unfortunately many of us jaguar owners do not have them. Most jaguar dealers will print out the information of you car if it is less than 5 year old, but you are hard pressed to get an original reproduction. Well I have been able to reproduce several different Jaguar’s, and I am here to help any of you who want one for you car. I only charge for my materials, and shipping. Here is am example of one.2003 to 2006 Jaguar Window sticker.pdf (718.9 KB)