Window wipers, "parking position"

I owe an XJS build in 1987 for the USA market. Now it is in the Netherlands in my garage.

I have a problem with the window wipers. They wipe as they should, but after switching off the wipers will not return to their parking position.

Any suggestions please ?

Usually a stalk switch problem. Try applying a bit of load to the stalk in one direction or another, perhaps toward the driver or perhaps toward the lowest speed. If you can find a position where it does park properly, it’s the stalk switch.

Unfortunately, even a brand new switch may have the same problem. It’s due to a contact panel inside the switch getting distorted, and it can get distorted sitting on the shelf. Better fix is to find a way to reinforce the panel, but that involves some creativity.

I have the same problem on my 1988. I simply change the wipers to delay wiping, and then turn them off when they’re temporarily parked. PITA, but it works.

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My 1987 XJ-S also has the same problem. Replacing the wiper switch did not solve the issue nor did replacing the park switch do any good… After disassembling the drive box found there ‘was’ a plastic ramp on the back side of the gear which had broken off. This ramp is what I believe engages the park switch causing the motor to revers and stop in the park position.
Sorry I did not have camera in garage when doing this repair.
For me I just turn the wipers of when they get close the the windshield pillar.

Everybody thanks for the input.
The problem is still not solved. In the Netherlands the parking operation of the wipers is an item to pass the MOT inspection.
Is there a possibility with an additional switch to park the wipers?
If yes, has anybody an electric scheme?
A connection scheme of the wiper motot is helpfull too!