Window xj6 dead

Happy new jear,
I have a third series xj6 1982 ; suddenly the all windows don’t go; I was wondering where is located the lucas black cylindric relay in the left-hand drive
tahnk you

Do the other items work? (Heated rear window I think?). Can you hear the window relay click when you switch the windows off/on with that 5th switch?
Look for the S57 wiring guide. It should show where it is. On RHD it’s behind the ignition switch…

Happy new year to you too.

Make sure the window lock-out switch hasn’t been accidentally flipped.

Anyhow, on a LHD car, the window relay is at the extreme right side of the dashboard, to the right of the glove box. If you remove the under-dash trim panel and look upward you should see it


Then it’s in the same location. On the steel bracket the fuses are on. Mine failed a few weeks ago and I swapped it with the red fan relay in a parkling spot close to windsor castle. The coil in the relay had fatigued and broke.
The things that work with “ign on” only had failed.

I have already tried the exclusion button.
I was fooled by the fact that under the steering on the left I found(it was broken and i repair it) another identical relay that perhaps was set up for sunroof, which I do not have; now i will look to the right.
I am writing from parma in italy.
For the cars: my 1982 xj6 3 in white tudor slept since my brother non longer used it (about 20 years!)
Cleaned injectors and tanks; chanced the fuel pump; new battery; immediately vrroom.
Changed steering for loss; changed noisy front absorbers; has already done 8000km (total128000) without any problem (exclusing slight oil consumption)
The car is very beatiful: no rust, interior perfect, all optional ( no sunroof) and original radio blaupunkt.
I don’t use it as first car but i have to say: it’s driving on velvet in any street.
Special to Doug who i follow with interest in the various topics.

Also, check fuse #13 in the right side fuse box.


It is behind the ‘right’ hand underscuttle, Briciola (I ‘think’) - mounted on a sub-panel, together with other items…

But another point mentioned by David; have you checked position of the master switch - 5th switch on the panel? It’s frequentlu the cause of the problem - being accidentally moved, killing all window (and sunroof) action…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

He tried (exclusion button), hence my information to check the other ignition protection circuits and to listen for said lock out switch; does it do something to the window relay or not. As the switch or literally anything in the window circuit has some fragility to it…
But I‘m confident Carlo knows more than well enough. Very happy that the rest works so well! I‘m envious.


all right; a small solder on the wire of lucas relay 333588 and window go.
thanks to everyone

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