Windscreen for sale

This is a brand new, never installed, clear windscreen for series 1 E-type roadsters.

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Description: Triplex windscreen, manufactured by Pilkington in England.

Asking price (if selling): $600

Location: SE Michigan

Contact information: Al 248-622-3300 (call or text)

Cost of shipping (if selling):

Willing to ship worldwide?

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Hi do you have any photos?

It’s packed in the shipping box right now. Here’s the long story:
I bought a windscreen from SNG Barratt. When we installed it, it was 3/8" too short and did not reach the top of the pillars (A-posts?). Apparently, sometime in my car’s life there may have been some type of damage that occurred, leaving the cowl lower that original (unless there was a slip-up at the factory, since these were pretty much hand-built). Hoping for a solution, I called Welsh Ent., spoke to Donnie and asked him to measure the height (at the center) of a windscreen he had on the shelf. I was thrilled when he told me it was 16" tall which is exactly 3/8" taller than the one I bought from Barratt. I ordered it immediately. When it arrived I opened the box and measured it. It was 15-5/8", just like the one from Barratt. I didn’t bother trying to install it. They are willing to take it back, but not refund shipping costs from them to me or me back to them, even though in my opinion this is their fault. So I’m offering it for sale. If you’re within driving distance of metro Detroit, you can save on shipping, and obviously, no sales tax. I bought it for a '64 OTS. It is Triplex and clear.
Thanks for your inquiry.

I can unpack it and take a photo if you are seriously interested.
You can text me at 248-622-3300


Hi Alan thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately you’re a bit too far from me to make this practical. Appreciate your time.