Windscreen Series 2 2+2 v Series 3

Hi does anyone know if a Series 3 windscreen will fit a Series 2 2+2 1970 car?

I have chance to buy a good second hand one from a Series 3, but mine is a Series 2 2+2, measurements appear same, but parts list gives a different number for the screens, I was wondering if this was maybe because of tint, and screen is the same.

Does anyone know?

Many thanks

I don’t know. You might check the part numbers and see if they are the same.

As per SNG Barratt website

S3 Windscreen: BD37953
Series II 2+2: BD37953
The price comparison between them kis about a wash – tint or no tint

I would call them and see if they have any experience with this exchange


Yes it will. The tub of a S3 2+2 is the same as an S2 2+2, except for some of the floor detail and the flared wheel arches of the S3. The Front Windscreen aperture of both models is exactly the same.



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Hi guys,

Many thanks for all your comments and help.