Windscreen sitting on wiper arms

Hi Guys
Having fitted the windscreen hinges I find that whatever adjustments I make to hinges the windscreen rubber is sat on the wiper arm spindles, does anybody have any idea what the problem is ?

Additionally can somebody tell me what the thread the top bolt is on the window hinges , the smaller of the two bolts/Studs ?


I think that’s about normal.


Mine have a little bit of the rubber seal cut out.

No idea if it is original or an old modification.
It is probably the original seal.

I suspect the bolt thread is either 1/4-26 BSF or #2-BA.

That’s comforting that I have not done anything wrong, but not ideal !
looks like the wiper arms are very close when opening the windscreen min fact it looks like they wont clear them at the moment, I will fit them up and try

Thanks for the help, hoping to have the interior fully trimmed out after Christmas then on with the brakes, steering, and suspension with putting the all the parts back on the engines in between
Roll on spring

Hullo Mike,

I fit the windscreen by fitting it ‘dry’ in the opening, ie not connected to anything. I then check the centring in the body opening on the inside and adjust accordingly, with a slight bias to the top, using the premise that the heavy 'screen will strain it down a bit lower .

I then swing the hinge bracket over and check how it matches for alignment with the fixed 'screen bracket. You might need to shim it. This can be a pain because shimming might be needed for the vertical and horizontal adjustments. (I cut rectangular ones from aluminium because it is easy to work.) It’s not easy to confirm from your interior photo but I think your frame needs to go up a bit when you look at the gap between the body and the frame flange. The rubber should roll gently over the wiper pod, not interfering like yours.