Windscreen spray nozzle loose!

I’m late to the party here and it has been over 20 years but I concur taking the dash top off should not be necessary. I replaced the heater pipes that go through the same area without removing anything. I believe I did take one link loose from the wiper linkage, tied a string around it so it wouldn’t get away. Don’t lose the clips they are unobtanium, tie a string on it before removing it. A photo is attached of the area, you can see the wing nut, the tube is barely visible but there. Get someone with smaller hands ( have small hands but not close). Tightening the wing nut shouldn’t be difficult.


Hi guys,Thanks for all the suggestions and guidance.
I’m hoping to just be able to remove the cardboard part of the glove box, so I can reach in and tighten the wing nut on the passenger side spray nozzle. Is that possible? Or do I have to remove the metal part of the dashboard as well?

So, I was able to reach the passenger side spray nozzle through the center opening on the dash, just as did to reinstall the spray nozzle on the driver side. This saved me from having to remove the glove box card board. However, in order to reach the passenger side nozzle I did have to disconnect the center wiper linkage. Once the linkage was out of the way, it was fairly easy to reach the wing nut and tighten it to secure the nozzle. The only thing left to do now is to lower the dash top back into position, reconnect the vent tubes, and replace the under dash covers.
Thanks everyone for all the suggestions and tips.

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I did this with the help of a 12 yo kid. Gave him 20 bucks and it was a snap…


let me know if you re installed the cover without removing the steering wheel

I would sell it now, use super glue to fool the new owner

@BillJag, the dash top is pretty much back in place, and I did not have to remove the steering wheel. But I did adjusted it out as far as it would go. The only thing left is to reconnect the vent tubes to the vent outlets, and then the four fasteners. I took several photos of the process. I might post them on the “What did you do today” thread.