Windscreen washer tubing routing

I have a 69 2 plus 2 auto that PO didn’t have the washer installed. I got all the parts except the T tube from SNG. The wiring seems to be there n intact. Question- anyone know how the tubing is routed? In my 68 OTS it goes right to the cowl to the jets. In the series 2 the jets are on the hood so they have to be routed quite circuitously from the firewall to the end of the hood. I did get the 6 tube clamps.

In general it runs along the upper right engine frame tube, crosses over to the radiator tied to the support strap that ties the radiator to the picture frame. From there it drops down to become attached to the bonnet and runs along the bonnet to the squirter.

the attached pictures might be of assistance.

This is a duplicate of the last picture in which I’ve highlighted where the tubing that you can’t see in the picture goes. There are little metal clips, sorry I don’t have the part number, the holds the tubing in place.

Another that kind of clarifies the bonnet routing

And just so you know… that scenic route for the tubing is only on the 2+2. SWB Series 2 still have the squirters on the cowl.

Edit: Or at least I thought so until I saw that John’s is a FHC. Now I’m confused.

The pictures are from my old 69 2+2.

I wonder why they did that ….any ideas?

My understanding is that the on Series II 2+2, the rake of the windscreen was increased. This took up most of the room on the bulkhead top panel. The lack of space meant the windscreen fluid nozzles had to be moved to the bonnet trailing edge.



Thanks Jag bros; makes sense that the kit comes with 15 ft of hose- I ordered 17 just in case, getting the t tube from an aquarium shop. Lol.
I’ll keep you updated when it’s done


Exactly right. :+1: :grinning:

I’ve got the water bottle. Now how best to afix it stocklike. I don’t see any holes to screw into. Prob will use the bracket as a template n spacers.
Below pics of the 69 2 plus 2 sans bottle
N then the 68