Windscreen washers not squirting. dribbles out

I have a problem with the motor running and the water just dribbling out of the jets.

So I cleaned the motor. Found a brush had come off. Fashioned a new brush. The thing sounds like it runs good now but dribbles. So I took the pump and motor out, put it in a bucket and put 12volts to it. The water shot out of the cover about 18 inches?

found this conductive glue, shaved down a carbon brush then next day reinforced it with super glue. laid it on a blue paper towel knowing the fibers would be incorporated into the super glue…like fiber glass a little bit.

The nozzles and hoses are new and they are not clogged. Any experiences like this?

Is it primed? Air bubble caught in the pump maybe?

You’d dribble too if you were 68 years old…:rofl:


the fact that it is dribbling out of both tells me that it moved some fluid and therefore not blocked. Plus the fact that from the bucket I got good response out of the pump

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Then most likely a supply issue. Leak in the line to the pump? Line clogged?

they both dribble out at the same time, the LH side flows a little more. I can’t SEE the line.


I resemble that crack, Doug!


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Can’t understand. We know that the two lines to the jets are fine, but they dribble. The pump is fine because it works in a different container. Assume repeatedly, so we rule out an air bubble. Therefore you have a supply issue. The suction line has split somewhere between the bottom of the container and pump, or is blocked.

What I did is quite crude but helped me get them well primed. Unscrew the pin-hole nozzle furthest from the pump from it’s housing. Then put my lips down over the housing and suck hard to get a good amount of water up to the top and then screw the nozzle back in place. Repeat for the second nozzle. I try to make sure to work the washer switch at least every few weeks to help keep their prime but have needed to repeat my undignified procedure a few times over the years when they lost their prime.

68 E-type FHC

The windshield washer system de-priming itself has been discussed previous times. This thread offers 2-3 solutions

I am partial to the solution offered by Paul Breen. Prices may have increased in 7 year’s time.

Breen60Paul Breen

Oct 2017

I went to an aquarium and bought one used to aerate fish tanks. Can take a picture as required- cost $1.80. Works well. Paul


With that pressure from the pump, my next check would be blowing air into the tubing that connects to pump and … actually … reverse that. If the lines are clogged, blowing air or water in from the pump end just packs it in harder, so blow air in from the tubing to the windscreen washer end as that might dislodge accumulated crud blocking the water lines.

I would think that just blowing air through by blowing into it should make it through the tubing and back to the pump end, so air pressure should surely blow through the tubing.

I’m 85, dribbling is just a fact of life… even my etype dribbles less!


Bill ….it is possible that there is a kink in the line somewhere ( in behind the dash) ….much like a hose when you fold it back on itself …it just dribbles

anything is possible. However, both sides emit water, just not enough which makes me think it’s less likely a “kink”. Problem is I can’t see in there. I am wondering if the “y” split piece to left and right might be defective. (don’t remember if it’s a Y or a T)

You said they were NOT clogged.

Did you check?

Or did you not check whether they are clogged?

You have to be much clearer on that.

I thought you had made sure these are not clogged and not the problem.

And why else would you put the pump in a different bucket if you could have checked in car. Disconnect hose at pump outlet and see if it dribbles or works.

Nozzles are new. The squirters are definitely not clogged because I removed them and checked. Can’t remove the nozzles…reasonably.

The lines are new. the T piece is new. Both nozzles produce water they just don’t spray. That makes me wonder if the t piece might be internally restricted in some way since, if one line were clogged the other nozzle might work ok.

Seems to make perfect sense to me to test the pump in a bucket to ensure that the pump is attempting to deliver reasonable amounts of water. Especially since I have been inside the pump mucking about. Because, I suspected the pump
might not have adequate output. It spins faster now and with less racket.
Besides when you suggested a leak in the line to the pump,I did bucket test to rule that out

So you have verified that the pump makes good pressure exactly as it is mounted in the car? Next step is what Jerry said… or suck on the line.

Use a MityVac at the pump end.

If the hoses aren’t blocked, you won’t pull a vacuum; if you can pull a vacuum with the MityVac, something is plugged/blocked.

Added with Edit:

I should have noted that a disadvantage of using the MityVac is the possibility of collapsing the tubing, as it is not intended to have negative pressure on it.

While the tubing is not rated for a high pressure, an advantage of blowing air into the tubing with a blow gun and an air compressor is that you don’t need to put full pressure into it. Just use a little pressure and whatever water is in the tubing will blow out and get things wet if the tubing is not blocked/clogged, so have the end of the tubing into a jar, can or bag.

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Disadvantage of vacuum is as you say, disadvantage of compressed air is the tubing eventually comes apart if the pressure is too high. Advantage of Bill is he can sense immediately how much air gets through.