Windscreen wiper motor high speed fault 1963 XKE

I have a little challenge in the way that my windshield/windscreen wiper motor refuse to go on high speed unless motor is hot. When first hot it goes on high speed low speed up and down nicely. Selfparking is working as it should.
When cold and set the switch in high speed in suddenly goes in high speed. Any ideas?

I finally just disconnected mine as I never drive in the rain . A very temperamental system

Had you re-wired the motor at anytime in the past? If not, it is possible the connections internally are growing corroded and require some heat to make connection?

It’s likely the brushes are worn out. And something expands enough to make contact when hot… I believe New brushes are available. You may have to buy all three of them on Their support plate

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Brushes are OK, more or less like new. I only have two brushes, the way this reduces speed is to run current throygh a resistor. Just like coupe fan motor. But I will bring your point to my Jaguar electrician tomorrow.:blush:

I have replaced all external wiring going into motor. Job done by a professional. But I will bring your point to my Jaguar electrician tomorrow. It seems like something has to be overcome by the heat in the motor. Once that has happened everythings work smoothly, high speed, low speed parking, everything. I will keep you posted what we find out tomorrow.:blush:

Maybe the problem is in the switch that changes resistance as it warms up. Either way, I would think some time with a volt meter, starting when it is cold, should help resolve the issue.