Windshied Wiper position when at rest

I put my wipers on an they looked great, hugging the bottom of the windshield with just a “polite” gap to the rubber gasket. Then I ran the wipers and found them pounding the rubber gasket with each sweep. I hate that. That’s probably why the RH one was too loose at the joint.

So I removed them and set them higher. But, the park position parks them higher on the glass than the sweep goes. That is, when running the wipers go lower than the park position. I have them adjusted so that in use they wipe a usable pattern and don’t hit the gasket.

They just don’t look as good as they did when I had them low. pic:


Is this about where everyone has set their wipers?

On the plus side the LH is not running off the edge or over the chrome.

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Mine go fully down. I don’t like them in my field of vision.

You don’t need to pull them off to change them. There are two points of adjustment. One is to open the fuse panel and loosen the set screw on the copper parking circuit contact and move it a couple degrees so the parking circuit stays energized a split second longer. You can change the same thing by loosening the nut on the adjuster cable on the bulkhead below the heater valve. Assuming it’s not frozen, then that effectively does the same thing, but instead of moving the contact directly, it moves the steel scissors that the contact is mounted to.


I have already spun the adjuster under the heater full range right and left. It is now full right and parks as you see.
Which direction does one move the little copper thingie on the rack?

Suggest going to and surfing through like MY photos. That should give you the answer you seek.
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Good suggestion, now I KNOW everyone else’s look better. Before I just suspected.

You should probably move the knob back to center then so it has some utility in the future. I can’t recall the contact move direction. Last time I touched it was 24 years ago. If you watch it work you’ll understand its function better. One contact is static and the other sweeps over it when parking. When the moving one falls off the static one, it’s done parking. So you need to move it such that it stays in contact longer. Be careful you don’t move it so far the arms fall past the seal and hit your paint.

You don’t really plan on driving in the rain do you too much clean up work :grinning:

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I dicked with and dicked with and dicked with and continually dicked with the wipers on Tweety till I got them… as good as yours.

At that point, I said it’s good enough.

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Our XJ6 finishes as Bill’s wipers do - if the screen is dry. On the rare occasions it’s out in the rain, the wet windscreen and some “freeing up” from running means that the momentum on the park cycle overcomes all the friction and backlash and they park just above the rubber - magic.
I’ve never bothered to improve them further. FWIW.

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You can’t, because you’re not supposed to dry wipe, ever.
The slop in the mechanism means they have to be set to park right when lubricant (water) is present.

Also Bill, it is my understanding that the far left side wiper has a different bend to the end of the wiper arm. They don’t sell them that way now, but that is how they were originally.

That’s odd, it looks like the bend would put the blade even farther onto the pillar chrome. I’d have expected it to facilitate avoiding the pillar chrome since it ruins the rubber blade pretty quickly

Why not remove the arm from its shaft and reposition it so the parked position is lower.

as posted above the Sweep range is different from the parked range

LH seems ok. I was thinking yesterday that the RH should have been bent differently

My mistake…I thought the issue was that it didn’t park low enough.

I think the idea is when the wiper gets to the very curved end of the glass, the bend in the arm accommodates that curved section. I am not an expert on this, but I have been told by knowledgeable folks that the LH arm should be bent…and that you can bend it yourself if desired. I don’t even have my wipers nor windshield on the car! In fact, I only have 1 wiper arm…the one I took the pic of.

Oh dear. Plus twenty.

If I recall correctly, that is how it was on Tweety.

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I always thought the driver’s side one looked awkward with the kink. I straightened mine out (RHD) and I think it lies and looks much better.