Windshield replacement tooll

I have a cracked windshield on my 87 jag xj6. I am covered by insurance, so I thought this was no big deal. I found two auto glass places that could source the part and agreed to the job. But both called back and declined the work. They said the work required a special tool from Jaguar and they didn’t have it and there wasn’t enough demand to warrant purchasing it (I live outside Pottstown/ Phoenixville Pa.)
Is anyone familiar with this problem or a solution???


What no. They are glued in and if anything special they need one of these cheese cutter wires they will have either way.
Gluing in is easy apart from the trim.

Show them this diagram so they know what to do and not bucher the frame or the chrome that’s quite fragile.

No special tools needed.
They should start by removing the inner seal first, it might make it unscathed.
You will also most probably need to get new exterior seals as they will have shrunk and hardened.
All available at SNG Barrat and the rest.

An other advise is to first put glue only between the class to the frame, let it set and then put the chrome in.