Windshield Washer hose routing

Does anyone know how the windshield washer hose is routed.I cannot see a hole for the tube to go from the engine bay. Pump works on the washer bottle it’s just not connected.


which model car?..

What is the year and model of the Jaguar you are asking about?


Sorry forgot to put the important stuff on the question. it’s a 1968 Mk 2 RHD.


As you stand in front of the car , the pipe run’s along the right hand side inner wing , on mine there is 3 holes in the bulkhead , one on top of each there , in the gap between the heater box and inner wing , my pipe runs through one of them !

Thanks for the information. I’ll have a look, can see the holes in the bulk head, they all have grommets in them. The photo helps. Thanks