Windshield/Windscreen washers not working properly

Over the last little while the washers have been a bit intermittent - they basically refuse to squirt, but last time I filled up the reservoir (which wasn’t empty BTW) the pump worked again. Checked the fuse in the passenger footwell, checked out ok.
Before I go tearing into the washer 2-part container in these 35c temperatures, any suggestions as to the issue? If I need a replacement pump, is the pump Jag specific or will a generic unit work?

I just noticed the washer relay is part of the relay module clipped on by the headlight, I’ll check/swap that out first.



Before you do anything you should make sure all the lines are clear.
You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve found debris clogging the system.
What year Series 40 is your car.
I have a complete tank and pump system from a 94 XJS available.


I think it’s smart to start at your relay base. You can pull the relay and jump out the switched terminals and see it you get any activity (hum, spray, whatever) from the pump. In narrowing it down, I would suggest the next location to check is the stalk switch/button. A test light will help you walk it down before you pull the tank or dig in under the passenger knee bolster.

Hi Larry, most times my washers have stopped working it’s been caused by blocked nozzles. The holes are really tiny and they can easily block up solid.
I can remember having trouble with the washers on my Sovereign about 15 years ago, IIRC I removed the pump from below without removing the two part resevoir, but I can’t remember why I chose to do it that way. The pump was fine but there was so much sludge in the bottom of the resevoir it had completely blocked the intake screen fitted to the pump. I’m not certain but I think the pump assembly was just a ‘push fit’ into the bottom of the resevoir, and sealed with a rubber ring.


This morning I was heading over to my parts stash to pick up the spare relay module I gave the stalk a push and the damn things worked again …maybe they were blocked? to be continued no doubt … :frowning_face: