Windshield wiper. Which one works the best?

Hello everyone!

I’m gonna replace the wiper soon before the rainy season starts down here and want to know which wiper is the best for our car’s windshield. I’ve been using the base Rain X but after a few days it starts leaving streaks. I tried a premium Michelin but it didn’t form well to the glass leaving rainwater spots.

I get a few of them at a time from RockAuto, Joe. The old school multi-joint frame type give the most complete coverage for me, but of course accidentally knocking the wiper lever on a dry screen isn’t the best remedy for longevity of ANY blade. The Jag seems especially prone to doing this -or OTOH maybe it’s just me being a klutz!

Thanks Larry, I’ll check them out. The Rain X that I’m using is also the old school, multi frame type.