Windshield Wipers MK2

I have a problem with my windshield wipers on my ‘63 MK2. The wiper on the drivers side (LHD) works fine, but the one on the passengers side does not. The problem appears to be some misalignment, lack of lubricant, or damage to the wheelbox. I have removed the sound deadening material below the dash and I can see the wheelbox. Is it possible to fix this without removing the dashboard, glove box etc. Please let me know. I live in Seattle and this needs doing. Thanks
Mark in Seattle

I assume it’s a cable driven.
Did you inspect the cable for missing bits;
Did you try pulling out the cable, turning the offending wheelbox by half a turn and then reinserting the cable to get a „fresh“ set of teeth?

Yes it is a helical wrapped cable. I will try pulling the cable back and see if that works. What great idea!