Wiper arm removal on XJ40

My last request is not highlighted so I am trying again.
Can anyone give me directions for removal of the wiper arm from the splined shaft in a way that will be correct and minimize damage/marks. Thanks.

Hi Gary,

Instructions are as follows:

  1. Open the bonnet.
  2. Remove the wiper arm securing nut cover.
  3. Remove the nut securing the wiper arm to the spline.
  4. Slide off the wiper arm from the spline.

Refitting is just the reverse of removal, special tools are not required.

Once the nut is back on, torque to 19Nm/14lbft.


Thank you so much Callum. I am having difficulty removing the nut cover.
Any suggestions appreciated. Once again many thanks. :+1:

No problem Gary, stand on the drivers side with the bonnet open and push away from you horizontally on the nut cover. it should click out of place, once loose it should lift right off. This is done easiest with the wiper arm on the screen.


Many thanks Callum :+1:

p.s. I have a RHD car if it makes any difference.


Yep, definitely driver’s side. Push the cover away from you towards the passenger side horizontally, don’t try and pull it up.


:+1:… I’ll try it tomorrow and let you know how it went.
Thanks a million !


You might find that it heeds a bit of persuasion to come off the spines as I think from memory they are tapered, I ended up using a pry bar under the wiper arm and applying pressure away from the scuttle and giving the nut a light tap to break the joint, (heart in mouth moments)

Thanks Robin :+1:. I will keep your suggestion in mind when I attempt to remove it today.

:crossed_fingers:. Best Wishes. Gary

Success ! Thank you :+1:

Success Callum…:+1: Many thanks !