Wiper Arms/Blades


Getting into some of the fun stuff now. Here is a picture of a MY68 (1E35306) from xkedata.com (note the wipers):

And here are two pictures as my MY68 currently sits:

Are my wiper arms too long? Blades too long too? Should the center & right wipers come to rest a little higher on the windshield?

Thanks all for the priceless help the past 5 years.

p.s. Driver’s door ajar!

Yes. You have the wrong wiper arms.

And the wipers on my 68 park on the other side.

I will go about finding the correct one then. Thanks Andrew.

? Are you sure that’s correct Les?

I have a couple of sets of LHD wiper arms off cars I have done RHD conversions on. Would you like some measurements/photos?

It looks to me like only the driver’s side wiper arm is too long. The '68s featured matte finish arms and blades, which appear to e correct.

Les, if your wilers park on the other side I’m afraid I may have some troubling news, as in the wiper rack is 180 degrees out. A bear to address.

That would be very helpful information to have when I verify with the vendor that I’m getting the correct length. I noticed that SNG lists an “upgraded” wiper arm that, amongst other attributes, is adjustable in length.

Might be the ticket?

Nick, Just based on the picture of 1E35306 above, it looks like the other two arms are substantially shorter too. They even look too short to me as it appears in the picture like they wouldn’t wipe much past halfway up the windshield? Is that the way they came?

I do agree, my far left wipe/arm is much too long.

Could be mine are wrong, then. I know at least one of them came from an earlier car as it is polished rather than matte. Will take a closer look when I wake the old girl up in 4-5 weeks.

it is correct to have a visible screw at the attachment point? see the sng upgraded link.

I was under the impression that LHD cars had the wipers ‘park’ on the left and RHD cars had the wipers ‘park’ on the right. I think it has to do with giving the driver a larger field of vision, correct?

Regards, Joel.


Judging by the description of the “upgraded” link…

.“This uprated wiper arm has increased tension onto the windscreen, it has a clamp fixing on to the spindle rather than the push on type. This arm also has an adjustable length and is made from stainless steel.”

I presume that the non-standard screw head you see at the attachment point is to tighten the “clamp fixing” described above. Likewise, I presume that having the arm more firmly clamped to the spindle allows a stronger tensioning spring to be used to hold the blade against the windshield and improve wiping functionality. Sounds like a solution looking for a problem to me, but then I don’t drive my car in the rain, so I’m not really qualified to comment…


It might be that the clamp is arranged like that to cater for people who’s spindle ends have been mangled over the years. If the rest of the car is still decent it’s a fairly major undertaking to replace the spindles even on the Saloons, and they’re dead easy compared to the E.

Agree with the spindle change but I think the screw down clamp came in with the increased length and stress on the 2+2 when 2 longer blades replaced 3 and other longer blade uses.

Did the 2+2 originally have clamps like that? I’m more familiar with the Saloons, and they were all the claw type retainer. It’s a bit of a mugs game as a solution to corroded spindles anyways, all the better clamp does is transfer the load to the rivetted joint between the spindle itself and the white metal cap. I’ve had a couple of caps come off as part of the wiper arm and all the king’s horses and all the kings men still couldn’t avoid changing the wiper boxes.

Craig JCNA publishes an authenticity guide for Ser 1.5 cars here: http://www.jcna.com/sites/default/files/files/e-type1_5(1).pdf
It primarily note changes from earlier cars, so you may have to go back to earlier E Type guides as well. These are available under the “Events” then “Concours” banner at the top of the JCNA home page.

My impression, too, Joel.[quote=“hutch3, post:12, topic:351291, full:true”]
I was under the impression that LHD cars had the wipers ‘park’ on the left and RHD cars had the wipers ‘park’ on the right. I think it has to do with giving the driver a larger field of vision, correct?

Regards, Joel.

My '64 with the original wiper setup (aftermarket blades from the day though) don’t look that different, maybe an inch shorter (12" mine are). The drivers side arm is angled, unlike yours, and it all seems to fit a little better.

Note that (on the 3.8 at least) there is an adjustment for where the wipers sit when off, you could adjust there but yours look just right to me.


Hi Jerry,

I hate to bother you but could you possible measure from the center of the spindle to the tip of the arm? Are they all the same? I can’t tell for sure but it looks to me like your wiper arms are maybe an inch (or more) shorter than mine, especially your left most arm. I think your left arm looks shorter than the others but can’t really tell?

Two other possible differences: 1) On my right and center arms, there is a slight bend in the arms about 1" from the tip. I can’t tell for sure if yours bend also. 2) My left most arm is dead straight but the same length as the others.

My blades are 12" like yours. It might just be a matter of my arms being too long?