Wiper Arms/Blades

This entire conversation has been acdemic anyway. The last time I actually used the wipers was in 1996 during a sudden thunder storm - barely got the top up in time. There was also thunder storm on the highway at the end of a weekend trip, before I replaced the holey footwells and our feet got wet. These days I drive the car for fun. If it looks like rain I leave her in the garage. The wipers are there only as a contingency. Mostly decoration. And compliance with some silly law about being equipped to actually see where one is going.

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Inspired by this thread (yeah, inspired) I slightly reduced the bend in my drivers side wiper arm to have it sit a little nicer (all 3 of mine have identical arms).



A subtle change to be sure, but better for me.

Oh yeah… much nicer. Rain or not! Full disclosure, since the last time we addressed this I put a little bend in the right hand wiper arm, as Daniel suggested, to match the center and left arms. I also lowered the center and right arms a little bit but not where the wipers stop on the chrome. I do think the left arm looks best when stopped in the middle of the chrome “shoe”. And I rebuilt the blades with off the shelf rubber as Jerry suggested in an earlier thread.

Forecast is for rain later today so we’ll stay inside and close the doors.

Well, if you go on one of our Oil Leaks or another long tour, you can pretty much bet that at some point you will be in the rain – like this year near Weed, CA. Nice working wipers (and a top!) can be beneficial at those times


I’d love to join you, and would even gladly change out my 25-year-old wiper blades and spray the windscreen with RainX, but the eight day drive there and back is a little daunting.

Weed, CA?

What was it? Proposition 64?

It was an aspirational name.

Right next to Mount Shasta.


Hey guys, on 2 arms of mine: LHD 2+2 S1, I found these numbers:

BR 546431, 610251, 618679, 677173 AUS 138607 GER 863459 BTE & other FGN Made in England

I think they are original - which lengths and angled or not- what do I need as a third one ?

Am I right when I assume I need 2 angled ones for the right and centre position, so the blades will be parallel to the lower windshield line, and the leftmost arm is a straight one ?

My third one is a cheap and broken alloy copy, no retainer pin, straight, and not chromed steel, plus a broken spring retainer / its scrap.

I also have 2 blades, labeled „MSA Ind Bras“. They are flat. And I have one labeled Aeramic England which is like /\ if I would cut it, not |_| as the other two. The Aeramic has a different setup- it can go better around curved screens so I guess this is the leftmost one ?

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Not sure about a LHD car but here are the wipers on my RHD 2+2.

The centre and passenger side wiper arms are cranked (bent) at the end. The drivers side arm is straight. I do not know if this is original.

Hi Chris,

I think LHD will be the same. Limora Germany has them in cranked left 10 degs for RHD, and cranked right 10 degs for LHD.

But they say all 3 are cranked, which I think would not really make sense.

So, I need one more LHD cranked arm- and thats it. And I‘ll polish the original ones, and re-use.

Tuesday she‘ll be brought to the glas fitters, and then its almost done, I have to fit some 20 screws I am missing, but that its. Plus track alignment, maybe next month.

Thanks !

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