Wiper linkage outer covers

I have a xk150 Fhc rhd that is missing the outer casing from the wiper linkage cable can any one tell me if there are any available if not what are my options Thanks

I had a similar problem with an XK120 which takes three separate lengths of flexible outer casing. I’m not familiar with the XK150 arrangement and whether it is a flexible case or a solid tube. In the end I purchased an outer casing kit in copper for a 120 because flexible casing seems to be unavailable. Stafford Vehicle Components in the UK do a wiper motor to wheel-box connection mild steel tube (single 90cm length) and seem prepared to supply specific lengths. But these tubes are similar to copper brake pipes which may be another avenue.

I also need a section and thought about using a section from an old park brake cable assembly from an american car. They used a similar flexible outer casing and a large diameter braided cable for the inner cable. I am thinking something from my buddy’s 1968 chevelle. I am sure he has an old one from his restoration that he no longer needs.

It’s certainly an option to pick up an outer casing at an autojumble or elsewhere, cut to length and solder on a ferrule. What’s odd (to me, anyway) is that a rear brake cable (C6677) for a 120 uses a similar flexible outer casing, yet I could not find a single supplier in the UK for a windscreen wiper outer casing for any car. Who makes the 120 rear brake cable and why can’t they make the windscreen wiper casing?