Wiper rack outer casing xk140

xk140 fhc right hand drive, missing wipe rack outer cable cover for motor to first wheelbox.
Any advice as to where i can get part.

Go to an outfit that repairs wiper motors. Don’t remember the fella who helped me with a section of the casing on my xk120 wiper cable but I got his name off eBay. Good luck and welcome aboard! John

Thank you, I will try locally here in Australia but i have my doubts.

If it is matter of length, perhaps one from a Mark VII saloon might be adaptable.


Thank you Rob, I know where I may be able to source 3550. I will give it a go.

John, John Fulton. I just found the name of the fella who supplied the outer cable cover for me. If you are still looking try: East Coast Jaguar,Inc.,802 Naamans Road Wilmington, DE 19810, phone 302-475-9258 Sorry I don’t have an email. It was $45 for the 15” piece. Good luck

Thank you for the information. I have used a mark 7 tube and hand modified a metric fitting to solve my problem.
It is amazing what you can do when you are working with an xk.