Wiper Switch Suspect

Wiper started acting up as they did not park when turned off. Replaced the park switch after cleaning up the drive mechanism (removing old grease) and re-greasing.
Wipers work but still don’t park.
Reinstalled wipers and was able to stop them with the switch so they where not in field of vision. Took car to get a hair cut and when I started the car the wipers started. Was careful not to bump the switch when starting. the engine.
Got wipers to stop but drove home with wipers obscuring vision.
When I replaced the parking switch there are three leads to it. Red Yellow and blue. May have mixed up the red and blue connection but don’t thick so.
Do you thick by replacing the wiper control switch may solve the problem?
In addition the washer pump was shot. After taking it apart found the drive had sheared.
Looking forward to being able to drive in the rain.

Maybe it’s rebelling cause it didn’t want its hair cut

It might help to tell us which wiper system you’re talking about. Or at least the MY of your car.

The wiper switch for the reverse-park Lucas wipers has a known issue with a contact board inside the switch getting distorted. Happens to brand new switches, too, as they distort in the box. IIRC, if you can hold the stalk just a hair one way or the other and it parks like it should, the distorted contact board is the culprit. Can be fixed, but it involves opening up the switch and doing some creative modification to support the back side of that board to hold it flat.

Model year is shown on my profile. It is a 1987 and the wiper motor is a Lucas

Yep, reverse-park Lucas. I fixed the stalk switch on my '83, but unfortunately that was back in the day when it wasn’t customary to take pix of every step and post them on Instagram. I can tell you it involved cutting part of the housing away and bolting on a piece of 1/2" aluminum angle with a couple of long screws. Worked great. The stalk switch even felt better, more “snappy”.

Hey, you now have two of those stalk switches, don’t you? If you want, you can ship one of them to me and I’ll do that repair and send it back to you. And I’ll snap pix of the job this time.

Kirby, from your continued (and very valuable) presence here, it becomes increasingly apparent that you really should get yourself another XJS. Why offer to fix someone else’s busted switch when you could have a complete car all of your own to mess with? I’m sure if we all pulled together we could get you a broken XJS to play with, and you could produce Vol II of the holy book.

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Switch still installed and new replacement costing north of $140.00 may try and repair the original. Know you don’t have pictures but if I do it will post a picture or two. Did all model years of XJ-S have an intermittent delay wiper switch?? Here is picture of switch.

I don’t think the earlier Lucas solenoid-park system had an intermittent setting. And that POS was so unreliable that Jaguar introduced an adapter kit to retrofit the later Lucas reverse-park to those earlier cars – but I think they kept the original stalk switch, so despite the later motor still didn’t have an intermittent function.

If I recall, the intermittent feature was introduced in ‘86 or ‘87

OK, you’re strainin’ my weak memory now. I thought my '83 had intermittent, but now that you mention it perhaps it didn’t.

EDIT: My own book mentions an “Intermittent/Flick” mode for the Lucas reverse-park. I suppose that could just mean a manual intermittent, it wipes once when you flick it with your finger. There is a “delay unit” involved.

I may have misspoke; the parts catalogue for both the early HE and the ‘88 HE show the same wiper switch (AEU1734), and there is a reference that pulse wipers were introduced as part of the HE interior upgrades.

FWIW, My ‘83 stalk looks the same as Don’s. I cannot tell you what it does. I bypassed it in a hurry to get the wipers working for a 1600 mile road trip

My 84 HE has the wiper stalk on the right side ( opposite of standard Aussie models),
Washer control not working, pump new & ok, have run an earth wire to temp switch with success. Wipers have stopped in mid motion with no reaction if returned to standard.
Real question is, Are there any complications with removal of assembly and can an amateur
attempt a repair/adjustment as per Kirby’s earlier post? Is there a relay etc under the dash?
Thanks guys, Dan

Before yo tackle the switch you should make sure that all the components, motors, fuses, wiring, are working.
The switch itself is not hard, go slowly and methodically, take pictures as you go and make sure you don’t loose any pieces.
There is a relay for the intermittent action.

Where is the relay located for the intermittent function? New switched installed but wipers stop when turned off where ever they are and does not park. No intermittent function…

Try gently lifting the stalk, not enough to click it to the next speed, just basically taking the weight off it. Does it park then?

“Jaguar introduced an adapter kit to retrofit the later Lucas reverse-park to those earlier cars – but I think they kept the original stalk switch, so despite the later motor still didn’t have an intermittent function.”
I have a surplace brand new lucas intermittant kit, if it helps anyone out.

Gents I’ve removed the assembly but reluctant to prise apart given my lack of expertise. Do I gently prise apart or predrill the blind rivet style fixings? I note that Kirby talked about cutting away housing and making some improvements/adjustments. What am I looking for? The new assembly is about $220AUD, part No. JLM1670. Note the odd connection, small to large, on the green with black wire ( some exposed bits also) which must be the earth connection at the end of the stalk.
I appreciate any further advice.