Wipers stop intermittently

When it rains (off course) the wipers will run in low or high speed, but not in “intermittent”. The problem is that the wipers stop after ten or twenty seconds, randomly. I found the two relays that operate the wipers, reversed them, made no difference. I could replace the stalk on the column next. Does anyone have any suggestions? SNG Barrett for parts? Youtube video dismantling video?

You are undoubtedly aware that Lucas, Prince of Darkness, invented the first intermittent wipers … also with self-dimming headlights … :joy:

Sorry, just couldn’t stop myself with that title. :innocent:

Why is it like a dentist ‘pulling-teeth’ to get a MAKE,MODEL,YEAR???

Did you click on their name to see if that information is there?

It was: " '63 E-Type FHC "

My new Jaguar is a 1997 XK8

Motorcarman made an excellent point!

If its not listed in your info … or you list more than one Jaguar - model and year is needed (and make if not a Jaguar).

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I had gone into the XK8 Forum, so assumed we were talking about XK8’s. Sorry about that.
Yes, I have a 1997 XK8 with windshield wiper problems. They stop in random positions, but they run for about the same time before requiring a nudge, every 10 to thirty seconds. Quite tiresome on a 1-1/2 hour drive, in the pouring rain. I’ve switched relays, the two at the left side on the firewall, no change. I’ve actually turned off the key and removed it and the wipers keep going for a while. Does anyone have any experience with this phenomenon?

Have you tried replacing the Park Switch?

PS: I mean the switch on the wiper assembly that is responsible for returning the wipers to their park position after switching off.

Thanks for getting in touch! Where can I find this switch. I was thinking of replacing the complete stalk on the steering column, but I wonder if the fault is there. I was thinking it might be a ground somewhere. At this point, I’m willing to try anything.


It is on the wiper motor I believe. When the power is shut off to the wipers, the park switch keeps the motor powered until the motor returns to the park position.

PS: It is unlikely the problem is in the stalk. It definitely could be a ground problem.

I will take a look at it this weekend. Thank you for the input.

If you have a Jag dealer near by, go in and ask the parts guy about the park switch; he may have an exploded diagram of where it is. I’ve found the parts guys (and gals) to be very helpful.

I spent some time yesterday with my head under the bonnet of my XK8. After disconnecting the battery, I removed the windshield wiper motor. The park switch is attached to the inside of the cover plate, I checked it with an ohm meter and found it works correctly. The gears and everything else visible look good. I reassembled the motor but didn’t install it yet. First I reconnected the battery and turned on the windshield wipers. I could hear the distinct click of the relay connecting but after about 20 seconds the relay clicked off again. That tells me that the motor assembly is not at fault. As I said earlier, I had switched relays around and found it made no difference either.
Something is making the relay disconnect. I don’t have a wiring diagram, or a repair manual. I think my next move is to acquire both.
Any suggestions anyone? Thank you for your input.

I found a fair number of troubleshooting threads on this web site: XJ XJ8 / XJR ( X308 ) - Jaguar Forums - Jaguar Enthusiasts Forum The problem with mine was solved by switching/cleaning the relays, but there are other maladies/solutions discussed in various strings. Motorman contributes over there as well… One string goes into detail regarding removal of the column switch (not quite as daunting as I had imagined…and not necessary in my case). BTW, used switches show up on ebay…

Thanks Eric. It looks like the stalk on the column is my next target.