Wire harness identification help

On my 1995 XJ6, a rodent ate through this housing and some bare wires were exposed. I sealed it up with insulation tape, but was curious as to what these set of wires are for? They are on the left side engine compartment close to the firewall. Thanks,

you’re asking how long is a piece of string…left side as you sit in the car?..is there relay boxes there?..wiring colours?..can you identify and end point of some of the wiring?

it’s a bundle of multicolored wires that comes out of the firewall and has a connector that connects to another set of wires that goes somewhere down below where I cannot see. It doesn’t appear to go into any relay boxes

are you having any electrical problems as in something not working or blowing fuses? if not then leave it

no problems as of yet…just scary looking to see bare wires like that.