Wire Loom Routing XKE S2

Hi All,

I am about to receive my friends '71 XKE S2 body shell from the painters. It has A/C.

I do have the XKE color wire diagram. Can you please help with the routing of the wire loom sections. I have a complete new harness set (fuse boxes, etc) from SNG. Dont have any pictures or notes when the old one was removed, as this was done at the former body shop where the car was rescued by my friend from a stalled 2 year restoration nightmare.

Any assistance is appreciated.

The large harness with the bonnet connector is shown in the above diagram and the dotted lines show where the others go too. I have lots of diagrams and photos so I’ll add a few more here.

This one above shows where all of the engine bay harness and bonnet harness connections go for the series 1, series 2 Is very similar except the horns are included in the crossover section at the picture frame vs series 1 has them in the bonnet harness. The purple one is called the dash harness that sits behind the instrument and dash panels.

There are two others - the left side and right side body harnesses that connect to the other main harnesses behind the dash and feed the various items.

This was something I created but it will need to be confirmed using your wiring schematic.
Good luck

John, I wish you had been around when I was playing with my harnesses 5 years ago ( 1970 SII OTS ) Anyway yr harness location diagrams are first class.

I was thinking the same thing! I will also add that having seen John’s car on the 'ol it is an incredibly nice car!

One thing these figures don’t show is the tight curve where the harness enters the cockpit. The harness comes in and turns toward the bulkhead; then it is curved very tightly upward to go into the tray attached there. There is a P-clip on the center of the loop, attached to the small screw that comes in from the outside there. The screw is either crimped onto the body panel or fastened there with a washer and nut, inboard of the P-clip. A real tough job, and it may be necessary to cut some relief into the wrapping to let it bend so tightly.


Agreed Jerry - that part of the installation was indeed a difficult bend to get the harness to take and retain. Bob, this is where the cable cover is installed that runs from the hole on the left side of the driver’s kick panel and brings it up toward the front of the scuttle area where it then runs along the scuttle toward the fuses. There are ton’s of photos on Jerry web pages and many others that you can reference. I have collected several that helped visualize how the harnesses are installed, so please feel free to ask as questions come up.

John(s), Lynn, Jerry,

WOW! Thanks very much for your tremendous assistance on the wire loom routing and tips on the “got-chaa” spots. Also, thanks for the great diagrams! All of this is absolutely perfect!

I know I am not the only one to think back at how the heck were these cars run through the assembly line with all of these very tough install procedures? What process did they follow to make that tough bend? Maybe the original harness had a slight bend in in the loom already?

Just thoughts…

Jerry I have always had success with a heat gun applied to the harness in that area.

Hi John,
I am desperate for photos of wire loom routing in a Series 1 E-type. Mine is a '64 OTS (3.8). Can you provide a link to any helpful photos that you might know of?

Al Jacobson

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