Wire wheel photos

Following on from my earlier post, I’m trying to assess wheel colours.
My car is a '55 140 DHC SE (MC), and I’m strongly drawn to painting it (probably) Birch Grey with matching wire wheels, as an SE would originally have been supplied. I cannot find a photo anywhere of a 140 DHC with wire wheels in body colour, as Jaguar would have supplied it. They’ve all got shiny bling chrome wires, which I don’t want to do - although annoyingly it looks as if this car might be one of the very few that actually was supplied with chrome wheels. Now they’ve all got them, I’d like something different.
Does anyone have a photo of a Birch Grey, or similar, DHC with wire wheels in body colour?

RogerTake a look at XKData 830006

Thanks Morris, I hadn’t found that one of the 150. I can photoshop out the whitewalls and squint a bit and I get a good idea of ‘the look’.