Wire wheel rim measurement need advice

The ONLY hard part of mounting tires on the Jag wheels is breaking the beads. Once that is done, they can be easily mounted or dismounted using a pair if tire “spoons”.

I Don think your crazy I’m tired of the idiots not cleaning my rims so the tires leak. I specifically tell them to do it and then I watch. Jim

Apparently you do it a lot tell me your system
What protects the rims from the spoons and how do you break the bead? I’m familiar with a lot of red neck procedures… ok for steel rims. Jim

You don’t really need much protection for chrome rims. I just use a pair of Dunlop tire irons and an old Dunlop lever type bead breaker. A ratchet strap to seal the bead if they’re tubeless. I’ll install any car tires 70 series or over but I find 50 series a bit tough to do by hand.

To avoid marking aluminum rims, I use pieces of a cut up plastic shampoo bottle under the levers.

I had no clearance problem with 6" wheels and 70 series 205 tires on my 3.8. All I did was turn around the bump stop rubbers so they were angled inwards. They’re only close on full drop anyway. The front may have sometimes rubbed very slightly on a tight turn but that was it.

I remember I received my 6" Daytons and new set of Pirelli radials late one Friday afternoon when everything was closed. I had them all installed road tested by suppertime.

Jim, I think you want to go with the tallest 185 Vredesteins, on 6 inch rims. You likely have a 3.54 rear gear. IF you go to a 205x65 tire it will have a shorter circumference than the “old profile” Vreds. This actually gears your car “down”, turning more revs per mile.

This would be fine if you were racing 283 Corvettes around Deadmans Curve. But IF you actually want to drive the car any distance it’s going in the wrong direction.

Plus the 185 tire on your spare 5" wheel will fit in your boot, AND no grinding the bump stops. One more wheel and 5 tires. And you’re done.

there are tire options other than the Vred…(a “summer” tire). For some alternative tire info go to some websites…one such Longstonetires UK.

This looks like it would be a useful device. As already said, the hard part’s breaking the bead.

Great Info ,I’m Just afraid of scratching those dam rims but I’ll follow your advise I’ve got a painted curly That’s 5 inch I’ll practice on it
Took some pics of the shock parts that I have and don’t laugh to hard They all came out of my rear end …YA two of those springs …I’ve got the shock # I’m going to look it up …nap 64054299e abu
Maybe some one knows what these parts are for XK 140 ? Lada
Some are E type Not sure what though
Here’s the pics

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Cheers Jim. You guys are all a great help

All E-type parts. The white paint is a puzzle. The spring might be good. Maybe not. Warrants close inspection. Keep the collets and ring retainers. Throw away the rest.

I think that’s the route I’m going to go it’s hard to find 185 tires I think :thinking:
I looked at Coker and Longstone universal when I looked seems 180 was all they had and your right have 354 gears Ok in the city.
Cheers Jim

I saw somewhere on the forum the change from curly to easy clean hubs was in 67. My car came with some of each, and when i bought new,I went with the curly and later learned i should have the easy clean.

Curly is prettier but I think the easy-clean are supposed to be stronger (forged instead of pressed).

I’ve watched videos about it Im not convinced it’s that good need to try out or get some reports

Cheers. Jim

It seems we go around in circles from the aesthetic to the practical. The easy clean wheels are superior, but they’re not as pretty. :sunglasses:

Ya one of the problems with jags is they put on what ever was in the box when cars went down the line how old are yours.

Urban legend. All of the changes down the line are documented.

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Nick, Steve
This is the reference that I have funny I was just looking at it and your right a lot of this stuff really doesn’t matter but if your buying new and want original. It really goes by frame # and which country your car was shipped to so they say. I think my car was on the Lada line for awhile with the junk I found on it
Cheers. Jim

My car was # 14 with the new wheels 1E34252/9

Your car is it cream color did you buy it from Karl?

For chrome wire wheels the changeover for FHC, LHD took place at chassis # 1E34339 so it seems your car is actually before the changeover. This is all shown in Jaguar Service Bulletin M.20 for LHD, RHD, FHC, OTS and 2+2 for both chrome and painted wire wheels.

From searching XKEdata.com the change to forged hubs appears to have occurred in very late April or early May, 1967 varying by model.