Wire wheel service in DFW

So it appears that I’ll be spending time this Spring in Ft Worth TX helping a daughter with renovations. Was thinking of ordering the Vred Sprjnt Classics and having them sent to her house and taking my wheels off the E and taking there in order to find someone good. Any recommendations? I tried searching the Forums but still not very good at it I guess

Type contacting John’s Cars for a recommendation. They have assisted me on other matters. I’m sure they will be happy to direct you.

Phone: (214) 426-4100
Fax: (214) 426-3116
Email: jaguars@johnscars.com
Address 800 Jaguar Lane
Dallas, TX 75226

My friend Larry Johnson had his done at the Discount Tire Store near 820 and John T White Rd. in east FW

Best, Brian

I’m sorry, I left out that they were recommended to him by British Auto in FW.


Thank you all!
20 cha

Plano Tire on US75 downtown Plano. Old school tire shop that does excellent work with tubes and wire wheels. The big box stores around here won’t touch them anymore.

Thanks! Kinda the shop I would feel more comfortable with


Or if you head north to Denver we have Woody’s Wheel Works. They specialize in wire wheels.


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I used to head to Denver, but that daughter’s moved to Ft Worth. Good to know for the future

I have used a small tire shop called The Tire Shop in north Fort Worth. Also recommended by British Auto. Gary specializes in racing work but knows wire wheels. He has done my Healey and E-Type mounting and balance. He does pretty well at balancing. Not as good as Hendricks Wire Wheel in Greensboro North Carolina, but no shipping cost for me. I would use Hendricks if the wheels needed to be trued. IM me for his phone number if you can’t find it.

Thanks Doug,

Even closer than Plano.