Wire wheel types? Center lace?

Would someone please explain the various types of ww and who makes what,

Pete, its the way the spokes are positioned on the hub and what angle. Instead of spokes equal all way around they are staggered.
Its a more Borani look, usually 35 to 40 percent strong in the turns and all.

The old Ferrari wires were center lace. It exposes more rim in front of the spokes. It’s a nice look. I think @64etype Eric used them on his 64, listed for sale here. I can’t recall if he faced any fitment challenges due to the offset.

This is what I mean

Here is an original style wheel (forged hub, earlier cars would have the ‘curly’ hub):

Joey showed a photo of a triple laced wheel…three rows of spokes attaching at different places on the rim. Maximum angles/bracing.

Awahnee of course showed the standard lacing. Two rows radiating roughly to the center of the rim and to the outer edge…next best for bracing/stiffness.

Below is a center laced configuration with the outer end of the spokes attaching near the center if the rim. Least amount of strength/stiffness because the angles between the hub and the rim are relatively low. This configuration typically has higher back spacing, which shows more rim, and pushes the wheel outboard compared to the other two. Plenty strong/stiff for the street. The decision to use them on an E type is mostly for aesthetics. When discussion of six inch rims does not distinguish between lacing configuration (and thereby offset), the fitment information/issues can become muddled…

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That is soooo good looking.

I agree,who makes that one…

Dayton…I did have to trim about 1/4" of rear inner fender lip @ 10 o’clock to clear tire at all suspension positions (removed the shocks and jacked it through full travel). You’d never know it by looking at it. Depends on the tire…here’s the rear wheel/tire’


MWS makes a 6.5" wide center lace wheel with a custom offset. I run those on my E with 215/65 tires and have no clearance issues after simply reversing the upper bumpstops (pointing towards the car center vs. pointing towards the wheel)

I don’t remember if it was this forum or the E-type UK forum, but a bunch of us on one of the forums did a group buy on these wheels about 15 years ago.

The point being there are many sources, widths, diameters, and styles available depending on your budget what you are wanting to accomplish, and correspondingly many opinions on what’s best, what ‘works’ (or not), etc.

I would encourage you to proceed with clarity.

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Suddenly this is complicated…where do I get info on MWS?

Follow the link Peter,


The ones on the green car are MWS
Today I prefer them to Dayton, fit , finish , quality and overall look
All tubeless from 5 inch to 7 inch plus
British wire wheel in the states has them in stock
Sng stocks them and Moss but they have to order three month lag time
British has them in stock

Anybody got a set of these Borrani lying around?

Sorry about the shot,but you get the idea.

I wish: these are what Tweety was shod with, back in the early 60s, when he was a race car.

CJ sells them. You’ll need to cash in your 401k though. They’re dear.

They are soooo hot, it transforms it into a sleeker 275 gtb to me.
Erica is right, I think your around 15 grand through CJ?
I thought it was abit over 3 grand a wheel, but remember the lip is aluminium, so great for show but in New York its a NO GO.

anyone want a set of perfectly good Daytons…Ha

Some better pics of the Walter Proebst car from above.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel like these wheels are better looking than the current Borrani wheels out there.