Wire wheels balancing

Bought a new adapter kit for Dynamic balancing machine. Took 5 wheels to my local tyre centre. Good guys - not the usual apes and were very engaged with the project. Fitted the adapter kit no problems.
Four wheels were out of balance. Two were balanced with some 30g+ of weight. Two were clearly wobbling on the machine and were going on the rear. One had over 100g added. Not good at all. I suspect they need “re setting”. They are MWS so not junk.
The adapter kit was disintegrating which was disappointing. I will be returning this as it is not up to the job. The guys did not over tighten the cones as I was watching.
So I have one decent wheel, two possibly ok and two well out. Not a great day but may explain some of the vibration I have been fighting. .

were you using the rubber adaptor from the usuals?

It is hard “plastic” with metal inserts. I think the cones need to be aluminium.? Being honest I bought a cheaper version than the MWS kit which is very expensive. Lesson learnt.

I made an adapter kid for wire wheels. Took an old front hub from a MKII with the knockoff to a machine shop. Had them drill a hole through the knockoff sufficient to clear the threaded spindle on the balancing machine

the hub centers on the balancing machine, for the wire wheel, then screw-on the knockoff seems to work

cincinnati oh