Wire wheels on x type estate

Hi, this is Martin in Los Angeles. My car is a 2005 X-Type Estate in BRG.

Has anyone put chrome wire wheels on one of these? Any pictures?

Thanks for your response.

2005 X Type, 2000 XK8 Coupe

I doubt you will find any that fit. You can get some for the XJ. Looks better than I thought it would, but still not really good in my opinion:


They have a list for the 17 X 7.00, but you would need to know the pitch and offset for the X-Type. The XJ40/X300 wheels will not fit the X-Type.

Thanks to both,
I suppose it might be asking for complication to inquire with the maker, Dayton?
Very expensive to make a mistake here or buy the wrong wheel size, based on faulty advice.
I have new Continental tires all around per original specs and would want to transfer to the new wheels

Let me know if there is someone who has done this?

Did you get a set of wires for your X Type? I would like to see a picture of it.


Here’s the car before wire wheels.
I’ll be in touch with Dayton soon to see what can be worked out. Wishing I had a picture of this car with the wire wheels, before taking the plunge.


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Photoshop the wires onto your car. Just need a straight on picture of the side .

Here is an older photo of my car.
Did not get the wire wheels becauseof expensive replacement of oil pan gasket.
Perhaps you can photoshop this pic.