Wire Wheels Safety on the XJ'S- footnote

Have you actually had these wheels off the car. I think they appear to be hubcaps on chrome wheels. It might pay to remove one of them just to see if they are indeed hubcaps.


What happens when you take the 5 lug nuts off?

I would not necessarily judge them to be unsafe solely on the basis of the spoke count. The gage of the wire used to make the spoke has a lot to do with it. Apparently, Truespoke is only available direct. They have a website

If they were hubcaps on steel chrome wheels you would not be able to see the brake disc, which you clearly can.

Since you’ve pointed it out, I can see that also. I didn’t look beyond the outer rim where it looks like tabs that would hold a hubcap on, on the outer rim of the spoke area

Possibly it’s a double skinned rim so you don’t have to use tubes in the tires. Modern tubeless wire wheels use windshield mastic over the spoke ends. The mastic lasts a few years :slight_smile: I’m putting air in the tubeless Daytons on my MGB all the times.

Please read Kirby’s book…Do not put wire wheels on the XJ-S. I would bet the po put these cheeps on the car to sell. Go back and ask for the original wheels. Please, don’t die.
Harry, 48 3.5 and 90 SJ-S.

Those spokes all appear to radiate directly out at right angles to the rim, whereas “our”
wheels have the spokes angled radially to better absorb drive and braking forces,plus straight out to absorb side forces. These spokes are mainly loaded in shear, rather than tension and compression, no wonder they break. Ugly, to boot.

Amen to “UGLY”. During negotiations to purchase the car, I asked the dealer to swap the wheels with another XJ-S car with original chrome Sport Wheels. Jeff had 8 or 9 cars available. No way he would even entertain that, hmmm. They are even uglier in person.

So can them and put real wheels on…too hard to keep clean anyway

Goodadvice! I already have, just waiting to get some details finished up and get them installed. Thet just arrived a week orso ago after waiting 3 months.
See “Longer Legs” thread.