Wire wheels..what size

(MGCJAG S2 2+2) #1

Hi All…currently looking a used wires as an options on wire wheels for a replica C type im building…what is the standard size used on 120/40/50 are they all the same 16x5? and is the inset/ offset the same for all 3 models…thanks for your help…Steve

(Morris Barnett) #2

All wheels I believe were 16inch, and all interchangeable,120/140 had 54 spokes ,and 150’s went to 60. however I am only knowledgeable on 150’s. Some owner change to E type wheels at 15inch with 72 spokes as tire and wheel costs are cheaper.

(Nick 53 XK120 OTS) #3

I suggest exploring what tire you want to use… / what is available/ size and aspect/ , type of tread you want…classic or modern etc. (such as Pirelli Cinturato, or Avon) Some of the race cars used a 6.50-16. Look at some old pics…some newer C and D types. And…work on what look you want…racing disc, or spokes, and how many spokes, paint or chrome. All to help you then determine the wheel size/rim width.

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Hi Nick…thanks for the reply…yes got all that covered probably going Avon 185r16…but would still like to find what standard size the 120/40/50 use and the inset ofset…were they all the same…iv lookes on the MWS wheels site and they show all models were the same…would like to here what others here think…http://www.mwsint.com/custom/FitmentGuide/DisplayEntry.asp?category=87&carId=FG000007&make=JA&carYear=
Hi Morris…thanks for the reply…this info contradicts slightly…im quite sure they were all 16in…its the other info id like to firm up on…all the best…Steve

(Nick 53 XK120 OTS) #5

no doubt someone has a set of old original wire wheels that can be measured…Rob Reilly posted this some time back:
I measured a wheel from the late lamented 681114 without
tire, and I get 8-1/2’’ to the top of the hub, 4-1/8’’ to the
upper edge of the inner flange where you would put a hook
type clamp. The flange is about 3/16’’ thick so call it
3-15/16’’ to the bottom of the flange.

(Mike Spoelker) #6

Someone may correct me, but I believe that the real-deal C-Types used a wheel with an alloy rim?

(53ctype) #7

There were two different wires that went on the C-type. Production C-types had a 54 spoke wheel and the lightweight cars (those fitted with disc brakes) has 60 spoke with a little different offset. Both were aluminum rimed with the spokes drilled through the rim. Unique in there look.
Contact Jerry Booen he makes exact copies. www.dtypedevs.com

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That replica wheel – needs to be a center piece on a coffee table.