Wiring from Oil pressure sender

I need some help. I need to trace the wire from the oil pressure sender on a 88 xj40 and where it terminates. I could cut in to the loom and trace it but I would prefer not to. It goes from the pressure sender up to the fuel rail then around near the coil then the oil pressure gauge on the dash reads it somehow.


The wire from the oil pressure sender all the way to the instrument panel is Orange/slate colour
It passes through a 9-way yellow connector above the ignition coil in the engine bay, then through a 36-way black connector on the right side A post and finally terminates at pin 4 of the 24-way yellow connector at the instrument panel

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Thanks, Outstanding detail and I do not even have a need to know.

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Thank you Bryan_N that was so helpful, I was able to trace the wire to pin 4 of the yellow connector but I think I have a bad earth on the Oil pressure gauge on the digi- dash as the oil pressure gauge has a red light and does not register oil pressure. There is power going to it OK and I believe the gauge is OK, my question is now what pin does the earth go to on the digi-dash for the oil pressure gauge. Regards

The oil pressure gauge in the dash is not shown in the wiring diagram to have its own earth.
The gauge goes down to earth at maximum oil pressure via the oil pressure sender according to the diagram.