Wiring fuel pump. Jag wiring or LT 1 PCM

I have a 74 XJ6 with 95 Roadmaster LT1 and I’m having trouble understanding fuel pump wiring. Shouldn’t I be using the LT1 PCM wiring to control fuel delivery? Got the kit from Andrew years ago and put it away for awhile, I’m now trying to finish it. Help would be appreciated.

My car has he same engine. But sourced from a 94 Cadillac fleetwood brougham. Same car different badges.

No The fuel pump wires remain the same as jaguar intended. fuel pump relay energized via the igntion switch. Safety features as jaguar intended. inertia switch at the right A pillar. Ns on the shift column.

For more. check Andrew’s site. or call or e mail him. good g very helpful

Good luck…

The Lt1 combo is a great one.