Wiring harness bracket, where does this attach?

63 style coupe, can not figure out where the wiring harness should attach.

Hi Jeff,
Isn’t that the P clip that attaches to the side of the footwell?

Or do you mean on the engine frame?


Mine’s an S2 but FWIW - I have a P-Clip here:

That ground cable is apparently not original but I think the clip is.

The clip is attached to the lower heater box bracket, which will be attached by a square bracket to the upper frame rail. The harness then runs along the bottom side of the rail, attached by the plastic strapping, to the picture frame.

Here is the picture frame end

VR end of the harness at teardown.

Here is a top view after the plastic straps were removed

Many thanks everyone…thats exactly what I needed…Im usually pretty good about marking everything, but I missed this one. Mounting on the heater box is exactly where it needs to be. many thanks. JS